Illustration by Marc Hughes for PlannersWeb - incentives expire in one year.

How to Fix Incentives

Your citizens are sick of throwing their hard-earned tax money — in the form of incentives — at businesses they don’t think give a damn about their community. How can we fix this situation?

Municipal drive thru for incentives. Illustration by Marc Hughes for PlannersWeb

Use Incentives Right

Local governments often turn to the use of various incentives to promote economic development. But are they based on strategies set out in a local economic development plan? (You do have a plan?)

1099er illustration by Marc Hughes for PlannersWeb

1099ers in Your Economy

For many of our communities’ most valuable workers, the very nature of being employed looks nothing like we traditionally think it does. In the U.S., we call many of these folks 1099ers, or freelancers or contract workers.