A Year in America

In this series starting in Fall 2013, you’ll find postings from three  different parts of the country: Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Sartell, Minnesota; and North Carolina’s Triangle region.

— August 22, 2014 update: we’ve now completed the series. Our thanks to Kathy Trauger, Anita Rasmussen, and Deepa Sanyal for their excellent contributions.

Rail Redux - Part 2

Rail Redux – Part 2

Is a rail resurgence just around the corner? There are some positive signs, as rail-related projects are being planned and implemented across the country.

image from All Aboard Florida web page

Rail Redux – Part 1

Deepa Sanyal considers the value rail stations hold to communities, and offers a glimpse of some exciting rail-related development projects in the works.

Is Transit the Answer for Congestion?

Is Transit the Answer for Congestion?

As part of our Year in America series, Deepa Sanyal has looked at several planning issues facing North Carolina’s Triangle issue. In her next to last installment, she focuses on the issue of when transit works best.

Location of the Grand Avenue Bridge in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

More than Just a Bridge

Almost all of our communities face major infrastructure projects, whether a new highway, sewer treatment plant, or, in the case of Glenwood Springs, a new bridge. A look at how the process worked in this small Colorado city.

Young bike rider in Sartell, Minnesota

Coming Full Circle

Antia Rasmussen concludes her series of articles on the small city of Sartell, Minnesota, with an update on “Old Blue” and a report about her encounter with some thoughtful fourth graders.

At the Confluence

At the Confluence

Confluence: a place where two rivers or streams join to become one | a situation in which two things come together or happen at the same time.