Parks/Open Space

From the development of Central Park in New York City to George Kessler's pioneering parks plan for Kansas at the end of the 19th century, parks and open space have played an increasingly importance role in planning. These articles deal with topics ranging from greenways to land conservation.

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view into Greeley Park in New York City

There’s a Good Story Here!

What would Horace Greeley, America’s most famous newspaper publisher and editor, think about the changes to the Manhattan square bearing his name — looking down from his bronze chair? Probably, “there’s a good story here!”

Sitting on movable chairs

Please Be Seated!

We do it dozens of times a day. During nice weather, we often do it in the park. And we’re careful where we do it, often scouting out a location that seems just right for us to …. sit. But how much do planners and urban designers know about our backsides?

exercise for PPS project about Petrosino Square in New York City

Circling a Square

At the Project for Public Spaces our first assignment: spend an hour carefully observing activities in Petrosino Square and noting what we saw.

Tucson's Wildlife Walk

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Take an online wildlife walk through downtown Tucson, Arizona. It’s quite interesting what you can see and learn in the heart of the city.

Jim Brozena in Wilkes-Barre

Punching Through the Walls

How Luzerne County and the City of Wilkes-Barre are integrating the riverfront with downtown, through the creation of a new riverfront park, with giant flood control portals cutting the embankment.

house and large tree at edge of a field

Developing at the Edge

A continuing challenge facing many local planning commissions is how to best plan for new development at the edge of existing settled areas. This can be particularly acute in communities facing growth pressure. A look at some tools and strategies for guiding development at the edge.

Greenways illustration by Paul Hoffman for PlannersWeb

Happy Trails: Greenways for Everyone

Across the country, citizens are increasingly calling for improved and expanded multi-use trails, both for recreational and commuting purposes. Transportation planner Hannah Twaddell outlines a “four-step path” to developing a successful greenway trail.