Streets & Roads

illustration by Paul Hoffman

How to best deal with cars, trucks, and the street network has long been a major preoccupation of planners — as the many articles we've published on this attest!

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Roadway and sidewalk in Pompeii

Can We Connect?

One of the key themes I heard during sessions at the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations conference was the importance of better connecting pedestrians to nearby shopping and to transit corridors. That means focusing on one of the most basic components of a community’s transportation network: sidewalks.

SLW-ability Yields Stronger Local Economies

SLW-ability Yields Stronger Local Economies

During the AMPO (Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations) conference the past two days, the three words I think I heard most often were Sustainability; Livability; and Walkability. What’s more all three of these were often tied in to another phrase: economic competitiveness.