Issues in Land Use Law & Zoning

Experienced land use lawyers provide primers on a wide range of legal issues that often face local planning commissions.

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Vested Rights

What happens when a developer files for a building permit or submits a subdivision application — and the local government then changes its ordinance in a way that would prohibit the project as proposed? A look at the complex issue of “vested rights.”

Stop watch that says "Time to Restart"

Hitting the Restart Button

With the start of an economic recovery in much of the country, developers in many communities face the question of how to restart projects that have lied fallow or failed as a result of the great recession. A look at some of the legal issues involved.

Taking Aim at Takings Claims

Taking Aim at Takings Claims

Takings claims can create enormous potential liability for local governments. Respected land use lawyer and planner Dwight Merriam provides an overview of basic takings principles, and addresses questions planning commissioners often have.