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Rail Redux - Part 2

Rail Redux – Part 2

Is a rail resurgence just around the corner? There are some positive signs, as rail-related projects are being planned and implemented across the country.

image from All Aboard Florida web page

Rail Redux – Part 1

Deepa Sanyal considers the value rail stations hold to communities, and offers a glimpse of some exciting rail-related development projects in the works.

Is Transit the Answer for Congestion?

Is Transit the Answer for Congestion?

As part of our Year in America series, Deepa Sanyal has looked at several planning issues facing North Carolina’s Triangle issue. In her next to last installment, she focuses on the issue of when transit works best.

MAX light rail train arriving at Orenco Station from Hillsboro, heading to Portland and Gresham.

Is Orenco Station on Track?

Orenco Station is both an actual light-rail station and the name of a 209 acre “transit-oriented” development adjacent to the station. They’re both in Hillsboro, Oregon, a fast growing suburb of Portland, and home to the state’s “Silicon Forest.”

Making Transit Cool

Making Transit Cool

This short video speaks for itself — enjoy it — then ask yourself what your transit agency could do to make transit cool in your community.

Roadway and sidewalk in Pompeii

Can We Connect?

One of the key themes I heard during sessions at the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations conference was the importance of better connecting pedestrians to nearby shopping and to transit corridors. That means focusing on one of the most basic components of a community’s transportation network: sidewalks.

SLW-ability Yields Stronger Local Economies

SLW-ability Yields Stronger Local Economies

During the AMPO (Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations) conference the past two days, the three words I think I heard most often were Sustainability; Livability; and Walkability. What’s more all three of these were often tied in to another phrase: economic competitiveness.

Bus in downtown Saratoga Springs, New York

Transit Challenges … and Opportunities

PCJ Editor Wayne Senville is reporting today from the annual conference of the Association of MPOs in Saratoga Springs NY. In this post, a look at presentations focusing on transit challenges — and opportunities — in three very different parts of the country.