Historic Preservation

illustration by Paul HoffmanPlanners have increasingly come to recognize the importance of historic preservation to strong and vital communities.

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photo of Ed McMahon

Where Am I? The Power of Uniqueness

What’s the value of uniqueness and community identity? That’s the question ULI analyst — and long-time Planning Commissioners Journal columnist — Ed McMahon addresses in his dynamic 17-minute TED Talk.

Haw River map

Cultural Tourism in the Triangle – Part 2

Textiles mills once dominated the Haw River’s economy. But by the 1990s, most of the mills had closed and the mill towns struggled to survive. In recent years, mill structures have been rehabbed for a new generation of residents, and a wide variety of new uses.

Preservation Can Be Inspiring -- This Month (and Every Month)

Preservation Can Be Inspiring — This Month (and Every Month)

May is National Historic Preservation Month, a time when people across America celebrate their history, culture, and special places. Sponsored annually by the National Trust for Historic Preservation since 1973, it is designed to raise awareness about the power historic preservation has to protect and enhance our historic communities.

What's Your Community’s “John Hancock”?

What’s Your Community’s “John Hancock”?

Community planners and economic development professionals are increasingly identifying communities’ signature elements, including location specific historic and related sites, as well as businesses and institutions that are part of the “creative economy.”

Sign for classes at Billings Forge

Anchoring a Neighborhood

Close to Hartford’s “seats of power” — state government; insurance companies; and Trinity College; you’ll find Frog Hollow, a predominantly Latino neighborhood. It has a mix of walk-up apartments, neighborhood restaurants, stores, churches, and social clubs. But anchoring it is an innovative mixed-use development called Billings Forge.