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MAX light rail train arriving at Orenco Station from Hillsboro, heading to Portland and Gresham.

Is Orenco Station on Track?

Orenco Station is both an actual light-rail station and the name of a 209 acre “transit-oriented” development adjacent to the station. They’re both in Hillsboro, Oregon, a fast growing suburb of Portland, and home to the state’s “Silicon Forest.”

Building along Memorial Drive in West Hartford's Blue Back Square

We Don’t Let Planning Get in the Way: Pt. II

How did Blue Back Square get developed? West Hartford Community Services Director Rob Rowlson takes us on a tour of the development, and explains why the Town’s developer-friendly approach led to positive results.

Brick pavers line sidewalks in West Hartford Center

We Don’t Let Planning Get in the Way: Pt. I

Rob Rowlson, the Town of West Hartford’s Director of Community Services, makes no bones about it: too often planning can be an obstacle to private investment and development. In Part I of this post, Rowlson talks about efforts to strengthen the core of the town’s downtown: West Hartford Center.

Cul-de-Sac traffic sign

More on Cul-de-Sacs

Robert Parry, Director of the Westlake, Ohio, Department of Planning & Economic Development on his city’s limitations on cul-de-sacs.