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If You’ve Been Enjoying Our Posts, Please Read This

We hope you’ve been enjoying our postings about Portland and the International Making Cities Livable Conference. There are several more to come … so stay tuned!

After Labor Day, we’ll be introducing several new regular columns, covering downtown issues; ethics; land development; land use law; housing; and transportation planning. That will be in addition to our continued columns: the planning commission at work; in the planning commissioners corner; let’s talk; and planning for historic preservation.

We’ll also be featuring two year-long series starting next month. One will focus on issues facing both young adults and seniors — and will take the form of a monthly dialogue (which you’ll also be invited to join). The other will provide you with local perspectives on planning-related concerns facing four very different places: the Triangle region of North Carolina; the small city of Sartell, Minnesota; north-central California; and Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

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What’s more, as a member you’ll also have access to some 500 great articles previously published in the Planning Commissioners Journal (that’s who we were before switching to an online format last year).

As a small, independently owned business — whose only business is operating — we’ve been focused over the past 21 years on providing high quality information for planners, especially citizens serving on local planning commissions or otherwise engaged in local planning efforts.

Thank you for considering this!

Wayne Senville, Publisher & Editor and Betsey Krumholz, General Manager