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All current PlannersWeb members will continue to have full access to the site — both old and new content — through May 1, 2015. More details below.

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Daily news newspaper headline reading good newsFrom: PlannersWeb Editor Wayne Senville
To: PlannersWeb Members & Others
Subject: Update on Access to
Date: November 6, 2014

Important Information: All current annual members of will continue to have full access to the site through May 1, 2015.

Access to Past Content after May 1st:

We have already started to use the web site as a place to make available some of our past Planning Commissioners Journal content. We’ve already added several of our “Taking a Closer Look” reprint collections there, as well as Elaine Cogan’s “Now that You’re on Board” booklet, and Professor Laurence Gerckens’ “Planning ABC’s.” Take a look and let us know what you think of as a location for us to make available more of our past content. Email your comments to me at:

Most of our content will be available here on as a free resource to all. There will be no membership required after May 1st to access this content.

Good news - a woman in front of laptopThe bottom line is that after May 1st most of our content will be available free, while some will be available to purchase and download for a small charge.

These revenues (we hope) will allow us to continue to maintain our archive of free back content indefinitely into the future.

Again, we appreciate your support!