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abstract illustration of congested intersection

The Other Half of the “Deadly Duo”

Considering the other half of transportation engineer Gary Toth’s “deadly duo” — our too frequent unquestioning acceptance of traffic projections.

Illustration of car sharing by Paul Hoffman for PlannersWeb

Ready for Car Sharing?

Car sharing is taking off across North America. It offers a way of reducing auto use, while providing increased transportation options and yielding financial savings to users. A look at how car sharing programs work and some of the key issues involved.

illustration of toy food truck carrying load of cucumbers

The Journey from Farm to Table

The food we consume literally travels the globe. We can now get just about any food we want, at any time of year, if we are willing to pay the costs — financial and environmental — of transporting it. A look at how food moves.

steamboat image from Currier & Ives print

Corridors Through Our Communities

From the old riverboat world of the Mississippi to the crowded arterials of today’s cities and towns, transportation corridors have played a critical role in American life. Hannah Twaddell explains why planning for our corridors makes sense.