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Articles and postings focusing on different ways in which we can plan for more livable communities for all our citizens.

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20 minute concept plan map

Distance, Destinations, Density

The 3 D’s of Portland’s 20-minute neighborhoods concept: Distance: how far can you walk in 20 minutes? Destinations: is everything you need on a daily basis within that distance? Density: are there enough people in the area to support the businesses and facilities you need for daily needs?

Illustration of the future "Village Street" in Storrs Center.

Building a New Downtown – Part II

In part II of this posting, we take a closer look at how the Town of Mansfield, Connecticut worked with UConn and and a private developer to move forward on its new downtown, Storrs Center. Including some tips from some of the project participants.

Demolition of strip shopping plaza at Storrs Center.

Building a New Downtown – Part I

It’s not every day that university and town perspectives on a key issue are closely aligned. But that’s the case in the small town of Storrs, Connecticut, where the University of Connecticut and the Town of Mansfield both agree that what they really want an need is a new downtown center.

Roadway and sidewalk in Pompeii

Can We Connect?

One of the key themes I heard during sessions at the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations conference was the importance of better connecting pedestrians to nearby shopping and to transit corridors. That means focusing on one of the most basic components of a community’s transportation network: sidewalks.