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Articles and postings focusing on different ways in which we can plan for more livable communities for all our citizens.

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Billboard directly over a house

Billboards: The Case for Control

Why cities and towns benefit when they just say “no” to the continued proliferation of billboards. A report from PCJ contributing writer & ULI Senior Resident Fellow Ed McMahon.

exercise for PPS project about Petrosino Square in New York City

Circling a Square

At the Project for Public Spaces our first assignment: spend an hour carefully observing activities in Petrosino Square and noting what we saw.

The Beer Belly of America

The Beer Belly of America

We love maps — and are happy to see that the Web seems to be proliferating with fans of geography and cartography. So, maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can map the geographic distribution of bars.

Libraries at the Heart of Our Communities

Libraries at the Heart of Our Communities

There’s been a dramatic change in the mission of a growing number of libraries across the country. No longer just static repositories of books and reference materials, libraries are increasingly serving as the hub of their communities, providing a broad range of services and activities.

Young people working on a community garden in Flint, Michigan

Not Giving Up On Flint — Part II

While Flint, Michigan, has received lots of negative attention in the media — in some ways becoming the poster boy of urban disintegration — what’s also clear is that there are many who are not giving up on Flint.

Nodes and squares in Troy plan

A Suburb Plans for Change

Troy, Michigan, is a spread out, auto-oriented suburb northwest of downtown Detroit. You’ll find many elements typical of the suburbs that boomed in the 1970s and ’80s. But Troy has felt the impact of the sharp decline of the automotive industry. A look at how Troy’s planners have responded.