A Year in America

In this series starting in Fall 2013, you’ll find postings from three  different parts of the country: Glenwood Springs, Colorado; Sartell, Minnesota; and North Carolina’s Triangle region.

— August 22, 2014 update: we’ve now completed the series. Our thanks to Kathy Trauger, Anita Rasmussen, and Deepa Sanyal for their excellent contributions.

Haw River map

Cultural Tourism in the Triangle – Part 2

Textiles mills once dominated the Haw River’s economy. But by the 1990s, most of the mills had closed and the mill towns struggled to survive. In recent years, mill structures have been rehabbed for a new generation of residents, and a wide variety of new uses.

Grain silos photo by Brent Emery; Flickr creative commons license

Are Your Boards “Territory Folks”?

“Territory folks should stick together, Territory folks should all be pals,” said Rodgers & Hammerstein in Oklahoma. How well do your planning commissioners, city councilors, and other city boards — like Territory folks — stick and work together?