Streets & Roads

illustration by Paul Hoffman

How to best deal with cars, trucks, and the street network has long been a major preoccupation of planners — as the many articles we've published on this attest!

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People enjoying new seating opportunities on Broadway in heart of Manhattan

Give My Regards to Broadway

One of the most remarkable sights in New York City these days is the transformation of Broadway in the Times Square district from a traffic-jammed artery to a car-free zone, where pedestrians reign. What’s behind this change?

cover of Streets as Places handbook by Project for Public Spaces

Can a Street Be a Place?

This post’s title is the question that was at the heart of a fascinating two-day workshop organized by the Project for Public Spaces.

portion of a street grid

Origins of the Street Grid

If you walk through most North American cities you’ll find yourself on that very familiar grid of streets — usually intersecting at 90 degree angles. But did you ever think about where the grid street pattern originated?

20mph speed limit sign

Effect of 20 mph Traffic Speeds on Injury Rates

One of the most important issues facing cities and towns is traffic safety. One key question is the extent to which the reduction in speeds can reduce accidents and injuries. Results from a recent British study shed some light on this.

Cul-de-Sac traffic sign

More on Cul-de-Sacs

Robert Parry, Director of the Westlake, Ohio, Department of Planning & Economic Development on his city’s limitations on cul-de-sacs.

Can Cars Share Space With Bicyclists & Pedestrians?

Can Cars Share Space With Bicyclists & Pedestrians?

A fairly radical new concept in transportation planning emerged a few years ago in the Netherlands, and has rapidly caught on in Europe. It’s called “shared space.” At its core, this means allowing cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists to share the same space.

Nodes and squares in Troy plan

A Suburb Plans for Change

Troy, Michigan, is a spread out, auto-oriented suburb northwest of downtown Detroit. You’ll find many elements typical of the suburbs that boomed in the 1970s and ’80s. But Troy has felt the impact of the sharp decline of the automotive industry. A look at how Troy’s planners have responded.

Recycled road signs used in gateway art project in Meadville, Pennsylvania

Gateway Art

An amazing, student-initiated art project along 1200 feet of U.S. Route 322 at the gateway to Meadville, Pennsylvania shows how college, community, and even a state department of transportation, can creatively work together.