illustration by Paul Hoffman for the Planning Commissioners JournalMany suburbs face challenging issues relating to housing, transportation, and changing demographics. There is also a huge diversity in suburbs within metropolitan areas across the country.

These articles and postings deal with some of the many varied planning issues suburbs are facing.

The Art of Ross Racine

The Art of Ross Racine

“My images of aerial views are totally fictional, although in the beginning I used aerial photographs as references for the overall appearance of the landscape. … What occurs in my pictures could be emblematic for society as a whole.”

Illustration of the future "Village Street" in Storrs Center.

Building a New Downtown – Part II

In part II of this posting, we take a closer look at how the Town of Mansfield, Connecticut worked with UConn and and a private developer to move forward on its new downtown, Storrs Center. Including some tips from some of the project participants.

Building along Memorial Drive in West Hartford's Blue Back Square

We Don’t Let Planning Get in the Way: Pt. II

How did Blue Back Square get developed? West Hartford Community Services Director Rob Rowlson takes us on a tour of the development, and explains why the Town’s developer-friendly approach led to positive results.

Brick pavers line sidewalks in West Hartford Center

We Don’t Let Planning Get in the Way: Pt. I

Rob Rowlson, the Town of West Hartford’s Director of Community Services, makes no bones about it: too often planning can be an obstacle to private investment and development. In Part I of this post, Rowlson talks about efforts to strengthen the core of the town’s downtown: West Hartford Center.

apartments in Shaker Heights, Ohio

A Planner Should Be Flexible

“Flexibility … that’s the most important part of my job,” Shaker Heights Planning Director Joyce Braverman told me. She even carries a small reminder of this in her purse, the world famous — and very flexible — Gumby.