dialing a phone number

Dialing for Citizens

…on the phone trees in an instant. But they don’t. End of excerpt … Otis White continues by describing how to organize an effective phone tree, and some things to watch out for.  …

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

…How much of a difference can one planning commissioner make? Quite a bit, as Otis White explains in this story about a county planning commissioner from Oregon….

image of the word "politics"

Should You Run?

…Have you considered running for office after finishing your service as a planning commissioner or zoning board member? Otis White, consultant to local governments and corporations on community involvement and civic leadership, explores what…

dialog bubble: What Gives You the Right?

Gaining Legitimacy

…With local power structures breaking down, Otis White examines how commissioners and other public officials can gain “legitimacy” in the eyes of the public….

Dayton Patented branding logo

What Brand Is Your City?

…a Q&A page on its web site explaining what the new brand means and how it can be used. Some interesting observations on branding come from Otis White of Civic Strategies: it’s infinitely harder to…

Our Contributing Writers

Our Contributing Writers

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