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Editor’s Choices for New Planning Board Members

PlannersWeb Editor Wayne Senville’s selection of articles especially worth a look by new members of planning commissions.

Note: There are more Editor’s Choice articles than are visible on this page — when you get to the bottom of the page, please continue on to “Older Posts” to view the rest of our Editor’s Choice articles.

Taking Aim at Takings Claims

Taking Aim at Takings Claims

Takings claims can create enormous potential liability for local governments. Respected land use lawyer and planner Dwight Merriam provides an overview of basic takings principles, and addresses questions planning commissioners often have.

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What’s So Bad About Zoning?

A reality check on four myths about zoning and land use regulation: 1. Zoning is un-American, 2. Sparsely populated rural areas don’t need to control uses of land, 3. Land use controls will increase taxes and reduce property values, and 4. Planning is a bad idea.

Zoning Basics

Zoning Basics

Mike Chandler and Greg Dale look at zoning basics with an overview of the purposes of zoning, the structure of a typical zoning ordinance, and the principal players in the “zoning universe.” With sidebars on key zoning-related legal issues.

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Making Your Opinion Known

Are there any constraints on when a planning board member can speak out publicly as an individual, rather than as a representative of the board? Greg Dale looks at some political and ethical considerations.

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Bringing the Plan to Life

Most planning commissioners realize that all the effort spent on preparing a comprehensive plan will only pay off if the plan’s policies and objectives are implemented. Michael Chandler offers an eight-step process for helping assure that your plan is brought to life.

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Welcome to the Commission

Advice from six planning commissioners from across the country especially aimed at new planning commissioners. Plus a roundtable discussion moderated by Planning Commissioners Journal editor Wayne Senville.