Making Meetings Work

Running productive, civil meetings can sometimes be a challenge — but it's essential if the planning commission is going to be effective. These articles and postings focus on meeting management and how to deal with contentious public hearings.

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What Does a Discussion Look Like?

What Does a Discussion Look Like?

Our national public discourse hasn’t been very good at real discussion lately. Even on TV news shows that claim to be “discussing” issues, what you too often hear is people talking over and shouting past each other. But planning commissions can set a positive example in public hearings and meetings.

Come to Order illustration by Paul Hoffman used for Contentious Public Hearings

Our Public Hearings Resource Guide

Take a look at the latest addition to the PlannersWeb. Our 12-part Resource Guide will provide you tips and ideas on how to better manage public hearings. The Resource Guide also points you to other relevant online information and documents.