Affordable Housing

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Anchoring a Neighborhood

Close to Hartford’s “seats of power” — state government; insurance companies; and Trinity College; you’ll find Frog Hollow, a predominantly Latino neighborhood. It has a mix of walk-up apartments, neighborhood restaurants, stores, churches, and social clubs. But anchoring it is an innovative mixed-use development called Billings Forge.

Affordable Modern Pre-Fab Housing

Affordable Modern Pre-Fab Housing

Is it possible to design & build a distinctive looking modern prefabricated house? Take a look at this short video about Alchemy Architect’s weeHouse — and take a look at an earlier progenitor: the Lustron.

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A Planner Should Be Flexible

“Flexibility … that’s the most important part of my job,” Shaker Heights Planning Director Joyce Braverman told me. She even carries a small reminder of this in her purse, the world famous — and very flexible — Gumby.

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I is for Inclusionary

By the early 20th century, newly adopted land use zoning controls not only physically separated industrial, commercial, and residential zones, but also by distinguished between single-family and multi-family residential zones. It was not until 1970s that the movement toward inclusionary housing began to emerge.

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Why Not in Our Back Yard?

Almost all of us have faced locally unwanted land uses. However, these “LULUs” are usually designed to provide vital community services. How your community can harmonize its housing and social service needs with the objections of neighborhood opponents.