Our Contributing Writers

Our Contributing Writers

…Braun; Gwendolyn Hallsmith; Otis White; Randall Arendt; Ilene Watson; and the late Jack McCall. You can find their articles by entering their names in the Search field on the upper right portion of the page….

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How Wise Is Your Crowd?

not unduly influenced by each other. Decentralization means that the group is not managed by some sort of hierarchical requirement – it’s hard for a new boot camp recruit to openly express a different opinion…

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Charting an Economic Course

Read an excerpt from this article below. You can download the full article by using the link at the end of the excerpt. We’ve been examining all the ways that planning commissioners can lay the…



…healthy small business ecosystem. Editor’s Note: For a look at one way in which businesses can come together, see Beth Humstone’s article, “Turning Downtowns Around: Business Improvement Districts.” See also Gwendolyn Hallsmith‘s “Getting Started on…

The Local Economy Revolution

The Wise Economy Manifesto

point about the need for each community to establish its own unique identity, see “What’s the Market Telling Us?” (the Economics of Uniqueness). For more on crowdsourcing, see the related Wikipedia entry, and Gwendolyn Hallsmith‘s…