Green Infrastructure

Constructing Rain Gardens

Constructing Rain Gardens

These two videos focus on the construction of rain gardens. They contain some good, basic information that should help citizen planners better understand what’s involved with constructing a rain garden.

plans for Slavic Village section of Cleveland, Ohio

Audacious … or Realistic?

I met with planners trying to deal with the large amounts of vacant land in Cleveland’s inner-city neighborhoods. Their approach to turn things around: implementing creative, green-oriented strategies.

green infrastructure illustration by Paul Hoffman for PlannersWeb

Green Infrastructure

Your town, city, or county undoubtedly has an infrastructure plan dealing with water, sewer, roads, and utilities — the gray infrastructure. But has it planned as well for green infrastructure, such as trails, greenways, river corridors, and bike paths?

photo of trees and rays of sunlight

Green Enhances Growth

People care about trees, and not just because they’re pleasant to look at look and provide cooling shade. Trees also increase property values and can help boost a community’s economic development.

Walkway / path in a park bordered by trees

Planning for Trees

Street trees can help define the hearts of our cities and towns. But too often tree planting programs are based on poor planning and faulty assumptions. An introduction to some of the basics of planning for trees.