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The “Riggins Rules”

…Suggested do’s and don’ts for the conduct of public hearings, and the deportment of members of boards, commissions, and other bodies — reprinted as written by the late Fred Riggins….

Come to Order illustration by Paul Hoffman used for Contentious Public Hearings

Public Hearings Resource Guide – part 12

…Now that You’re Onboard (p. 4). The late Fred Riggins, former Chair fo the Phoenix Planning Commission, reminded us that planning commission hearings often are: “… the first important contact that many of the people…

Illustration by Marc Hughes for PlannersWeb

Holding Effective Public Meetings

Fred Riggins‘ insightful suggestions for how planning commissioners (and others) should conduct themselves at public hearings. See “The Riggins Rules: Suggested Do’s & Don’ts for the Conduct of Public Hearings and the Deportment of Members…