Laurence Gerckens

Laurence Gerckens, FAICP, is national historian for the American Institute of Certified Planners, founder of The Society for American City and Regional Planning History, and emeritus professor at The Ohio State University. Gerckens has also taught American urban planning history as an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan, Kansas State University, and Goucher College, Baltimore. He is also a frequent speaker at planning conferences.

Over the years, Gerckens has prepared a number of fascinating articles for the Planning Commissioners Journal, including a special issue: The Promise of America, which included the twin articles: 10 Successes that Shaped the 20th Century American City and 10 Failures that Shaped the 20th Century American City.

Capping off Gerckens’ contributions to the PCJ is his highly information Planning ABC’s — an alphabetic overview and historical perspective on 26 key planning-related topics.