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Greg Dale

C. Gregory Dale, FAICP, is a founding Principal with McBride Dale Clarion, the Cincinnati affiliate office of Clarion Associates. He has managed planning projects throughout the country, and is a frequent speaker at planning and zoning workshops throughout the country.

Between 1991 and 2009, Dale authored 21 articles in the Ethics & the Planning Commission series for the Planning Commissioners Journal, and also covered a range of transportation and zoning topics. He is also a co-author of The Planning Commissioners Guide (American Planning Association, 2013).

All of Dale’s Planning Commissioners Journal articles are listed below. Click on the title to read excerpts. PlannersWeb members can also download the complete articles in pdf format, as published in the PCJ.

Zoning Basics

Zoning Basics

Mike Chandler and Greg Dale look at zoning basics with an overview of the purposes of zoning, the structure of a typical zoning ordinance, and the principal players in the “zoning universe.” With sidebars on key zoning-related legal issues.

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Making Your Opinion Known

Are there any constraints on when a planning board member can speak out publicly as an individual, rather than as a representative of the board? Greg Dale looks at some political and ethical considerations.