Misc. Planning Tools

illustration by Paul Hoffman

A variety of other tools than can help planners & planning commissioners in their work.

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road sign that says "Sustainable Development"

Moving Towards Sustainability

Trends in human activity, both at global and local levels, are still headed in directions that are largely unsustainable. Yet a growing number of cities and towns are incorporating sustainable development principles in their planning and zoning efforts.

photo of electricians examining wiring

Building Codes Get Smarter

Building codes often make it financially infeasible to rehabilitate older — often historic — buildings by requiring rehab work to meet the same standards as new construction. This approach is changing as states and localities are adopting more flexible building codes.

road sign indicating roundabout ahead

Road Design: A Turn Ahead

Too often new roadways have been designed to be wider and straighter, without much consideration being given to the character of the surrounding community. In recent years, however, there has been a gradual turn towards more thoughtful, “context sensitive” roadway design.

Illustration by Paul Hoffman for PlannersWeb.com

Diagnosing Your Community Before You Plan

Too frequently communities plunge into an exhaustive comprehensive planning process without first completing a much quicker “diagnostic study.” Joel Russell explores what’s involved in doing a diagnostic study, and how it can better focus long-range planning efforts.