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The Planning Commission at Work

How Do We Get There?

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What’s the recipe for successful plan implementation. We’ll draw on our experience to try to provide you some key ingredients.

1. Prioritize! How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Establish priorities for your plan’s goals. Consider using a 1-5 scale for importance, visibility, “do-ability,” budget availability, and other criteria. This will cut down on the inertia that can result from the task of plan implementation appearing to be so large that no one knows where to start. We like putting a space for this prioritization right in the plan itself.

We have found that a good role for the planning commission is to facilitate the setting of priorities with input from municipal departments and the public. You can do this through questionnaires or preference surveys, followed by a workshop that allows face-to-face interaction.

This process allows for open discussion of priorities and any obstacles to an item’s implementation. Not only will you gain the perspectives of all parties affected by the plan, but you will also build public support and a sense of ownership of the plan that will carry through to elected officials as they set the budget and allocate resources.

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… article continues with: 2. Have a specific action plan; 3. Provide for local “adoption” of projects; 4. Find those early success projects and use them to build momentum; 5. Celebrate success; and 6. Have an annual review of the status of your plan’s implementation.


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