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Jane Jacobs & Robert Moses

From PCJ Editor Wayne Senville:

The first video below is about two individuals who, arguably, have had more of an impact on the course of urban planning in North America than any others — Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs. In the second half of the 8 minute video, you’ll hear how their paths crossed in the battle over the Lower Manhattan Expressway in 1962. This video was produced by John Elias and Peter Baum in 2008.

The second video features an interview of Jane Jacobs in 2002. As Jacbos remarks, what we most need to do is “study the parts [of our cities] that work and that people use,” adding that “the greatest asset a city or city neighborhood can have is something that is different from every other place.” And, Jacobs notes, “don’t think it can be done by wishful thinking or pretty words.” Produced by the Active Living Network.