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21 Bright Ideas: Special Issue of the Planning Commissioners Journal

25 Bright Ideas:

  1. planning for walkable neighborhoods
  2. the economic value of trees
  3. ways of bridging generations
  4. meeting workforce housing needs
  5. better roadway design
  6. the “hidden tech” economy
  7. using community facilitators
  8. trails connecting neighborhoods
  9. workshops on planning for growth
  10. aging in place
  11. green building criteria
  12. private foundations support planning
  13. innovative on the air & online resources
  14. when commissioners go “on tour”
  15. energizing planning with “community videos”
  16. presenting data in graphic form
  17. a planning commission lecture series that sparks interest
  18. putting family housing downtown
  19. how art can transform a street
  20. what to do about all that noise
  21. getting seniors to businesses
  22. civic design
  23. community benefit agreements
  24. taking a “village walk”
  25. community health impact assessments

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