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Reviewing the Literature

Information overload - man next to big stack of reports

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Do you have a computer? Of course you do, or somebody you know quite well has one. And in no time you can log on to all sorts of web pages to read the words of planners, and transportation engineers, and ethicists, and what have you -– all sharing the wisdom of the moment.

Good stuff? Sure. These people aren’t scribbling. But after they have written, you have to interpret what’s been said and what it might mean for you, for the work of the Commission, and for the community you serve ….

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Perry NortonThe late Perry Norton, FAICP, was past director of the American Institute of Planners; a Professor at New York University; and a long-time professional planner.

Norton was also one of the pioneers in online planning, and helped develop the first online planners discussion group on CompuServe in the mid-1980s.

He was a valued contributor to the Planning Commissioners Journal. See the left sidebar for links to his articles. For more on Norton.

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