Some Background from Publisher & Editor Wayne Senville:

Cover of issue of Planning Commissioners Journal - Recognizing Community Assets. Illustration by Paul Hoffman.For 23 years -- from 1991 to 2014 -- the Planning Commissioners Journal and served respectively as the nation's principal publication and online resource for citizen planners, including members of local planning commissions and zoning boards.

As we've noted elsewhere, we're no longer adding new content -- but are now making available on our back content of over 600 articles at no cost (more on this further down the page).

A bit of background. I was honored to have served for eleven years as a member of the Burlington, Vermont, Planning Commission (including three years as Chair). Prior to that I was director of regional & local planning assistance for the State of Vermont. I've experienced first hand many of the situations planning commissioners face. We've been committed to publishing concise articles, written and edited so that you don't need an advanced degree to understand them.

Over the years, we were supported by a slate of terrific contributing writers and by a small, but very dedicated staff, led for nearly 17 years by our general manager Betsey Krumholz -- who also served for six years as a planning commissioner -- assisted by our office manager, Peggy Ellis-Green.

Cover of Basic Planning Tools reprint collectionAnnouncement for Now That You're on Board booklet.Continued Access to Planning Commissioners Journal Content:
Cover of Planning ABC's booklet

You can access all past articles here on at no cost.

For your convenience, we've also grouped articles into a series of "Taking a Closer" look reprint collections on: transportation; basic planning tools; downtowns & town centers; ethics; and other topics. Take a look. All are available to order and download in pdf format for a small fee.

You'll also find on our page long-time columnist Elaine Cogan's excellent "Now that You're on Board" booklet, as well as planning historian Laurence Gercken's insightful "Planning ABC's" -- an enjoyable and educational alphabetic review of 26 key planning topics. We promise, you'll learn a lot in going from A to Z!

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