illustration by Marc Hughes for the PlannersWeb


illustration by Marc Hughes for the PlannersWeb
For planning commissioners who have just concluded a heated public hearing, the happy citizens illustrated above must appear as a cruel joke. Perhaps, however, the citizens have just returned from a dynamic and exciting workshop helping to envision the community’s future!

dialing a phone number

Dialing for Citizens

You’ve worked hard to organize a community visioning initiative. There’s just one problem: how do you get citizens to participate? How do you persuade a cross-section of your community to attend vision meetings and share their ideas about the future? Pick up the phone, recommends civic consultant Otis White.

Illustration by Paul Hoffman for PlannersWeb of elephant in front of a house

A Nose for NIMBYs

With NIMBYs legitimate concerns are often mixed with irrational fears. Planner (and planning commissioner) Christine Robbins offers some insights into how to deal with NIMBY situations.