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Notes from the Editor

Have You Heard of this City Within a City?

From Former Publisher & Editor of the Planning Commissioners Journal, Wayne Senville:

I want to tell you about Bricklyn, Vermont. Bricklyn is a rare example of a “City within a City.” I suggest you take 10-15 minutes to explore Bricklyn. Whether you’re a planner; a planning board member; or a LEGO lover, I think you’ll enjoy your visit!

You can discover the City of Bricklyn from the comfort of your own home or office by visiting the City’s website.

The best way to get a feel for Bricklyn is by first viewing the short video slideshow below prepared by the Bricklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Then click over to About Bricklyn. We’d also recommend you browse through the Bricklyn FAQ page— some of your questions about Bricklyn might already be answered there..

There are already several posts you won’t want to miss, including one about The Great Wall of Bricklyn (really fascinating!), and another about Bricklyn’s remarkably effective Director of Public Works.

You can easily subscribe on the site to receive occasional updates on this quite unusual, but forward looking, city.

Enjoying the Summer sun in Bricklyn VT

As planners — whether professional or citizen — I think over the coming months you’ll find some of the issues Bricklyn is facing quite familiar, and others quite out of the ordinary. 

If you have colleagues, friends, or children who love the world of LEGO, I’d bet they’d also appreciate hearing about Bricklyn! 

Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the Summer sun on Lake Bricklyn — or on your own favorite lake if you’re not heading to Vermont!