The Planning Commission at Work

Enhancing Your Commission’s Productivity

April 15th, 1994
Article #572

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Another important strategy a planning commission can employ to maintain or improve its operational effectiveness involves the development of an annual work program. Definitionally, a work program is a listing of all the activities an organization hopes to accomplish during a given period of time, tied to specific operating dollars. In some respects the work program functions as an accounting tool for it notes how much money and/or staff time will be expended on what items.

Once adopted, a work program details what the commission will work on during the year. By clearly setting out what the commission intends to accomplish, a work program will provide an ongoing referent or rally point by which the commission can measure its progress. Having a work program not only better assures that a commission will accomplish its tasks, but also increases the odds that it will be working on items that are of real importance to the community. …

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