Whether it’s on how to better plan for commercial and retail development or the benefits of neighborhood establishments, you’ll find articles and postings listed below.

view inside Hudson, Ohio, library

Hudson’s Star Attraction

How the public library has become the community hub for the town of Hudson, Ohio — and the key to a strong downtown and main street..

Housing is located a block away from Saratoga Springs' main street

Downtown Housing -Minus Parking +Plus Commercial

The residents and business owners of Saratoga Springs, New York, treasure their downtown. Two planning priorities: increase the amount of housing downtown and ensure retail on the ground floor of buildings.

Typical commercial strip roadway corridor

Controlling Strip Development

One of the most common problems facing planners is how to deal with commercial strip development along major road corridors. Some approaches communities can consider to better deal with strip development.

Inside busy farmers market in Montreal

To Market, To Market

Local farmers’ markets provide one of the best ways of increasing downtown activity, while offering a valuable outlet for area farmers. Author and lecturer Roberta Brandes Gratz takes a closer look at the role farmers’ markets can play — and why they’ve become so popular.

Fast Food Restuarant

All Development Is Not Created Equal

Successful communities understand that when they say no to development that is contrary to the long-term health of their community, they will almost always get better development in its place, argues PCJ columnist Edward McMahon.

Coping With Superstores

Coping With Superstores

How planning commissioners can come to grips with superstore development, and reach an outcome that the community wants. By Constance Beaumont, the author of Better Models for Superstores: Alternatives to Big-Box Sprawl.