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What Brand Is Your City?

The idea — and process — of identifying, shaping, and promoting a particular image of a city or neighborhood has come to the fore in both the academic and popular press. It’s called “branding.” A few notes from the Editor.

Piano Stairs

Piano Stairs

We recently came across this very short video that shows how using stairs can actually be fun!

The Astounding World of the Future

The Astounding World of the Future

Many of us probably remember those visions of the amazing, high-tech future — often common at Worlds Fairs from the 1960s and earlier. But how do these visions of the future actually pan out? Scott Dikkers provides an entertaining look.

Recycled road signs used in gateway art project in Meadville, Pennsylvania

Gateway Art

An amazing, student-initiated art project along 1200 feet of U.S. Route 322 at the gateway to Meadville, Pennsylvania shows how college, community, and even a state department of transportation, can creatively work together.

The PCJ Across the USA ... and Home Again

The PCJ Across the USA … and Home Again

PCJ Editor Wayne Senville is back from his six week trip across the USA on Route 50. All of Senville’s more than 50 trip reports are posted on our companion Route 50 web blog.

Planning for Cemeteries

Planning for Cemeteries

Over 2.5 million Americans are expected to die this year. Yet planners and planning commissions too often fail to give serious attention to cemetery needs. A look at the role of cemeteries in our communities, and issues that come up in planning for them.