Economic Development

Economic development is vital for most communities. But what kind of development and where it best fits are often challenging questions.These articles & postings consider various aspects of planning for local economic development.

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Della Rucker reflects on a paradox: small businesses thrive on being independent and in charge of their own future, yet small businesses do best when they’re part of a community network that can provide mutual support.

Illustration by Marc Hughes for PlannersWeb - explorers checking the Arctic ice

Dog Sleds and Little Bets Members Only Content

Della Rucker looks at how — within an environment of rapid change — businesses are increasingly making “little bets.” Is this a model that would also work for local government planning and economic development?

Illustration by Marc Hughes for PlannersWeb - watering a healthy native species plant

Native Species Members Only Content

Your home grown businesses are the ones that are adapted to your community’s social, cultural, and economic environment — and are often in the best position to anticipate and adapt to changes in the world surrounding them.