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illustration by Paul Hoffman for the Planning Comm'rs Journal

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University of Vermont Commencement ceremony - May 19, 2013

They Were Part of Our Community

OK, I’ll admit it — this post doesn’t have much to do with city planning (at least directly). But it’s graduation time — and one tradition I and many other Burlington residents have is to walk over to the University of Vermont and watch the pomp of the commencement ceremony. This year we were also treated to a remarkable commencement address by jazz great Wynton Marsalis — just featured on NBC Nightly News.

The Art of Ross Racine

The Art of Ross Racine

“My images of aerial views are totally fictional, although in the beginning I used aerial photographs as references for the overall appearance of the landscape. … What occurs in my pictures could be emblematic for society as a whole.”

illustration by Paul Hoffman

The Return of Downtown?

Did you see a recent article in Forbes Magazine, “Downtowns: What’s Behind America’s Most Surprising Real Estate Boom”? See related articles we’ve published and join us on LinkedIN to discuss: Are there barriers in your community to having more downtown housing? Are there programs to encourage it?