Being Effective

Not surprisingly, many of our articles and postings have focused on how planning commissioners can be more effective.

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New to a Planning Commission?

As you begin to attend meetings, you will find that although many parts of the agenda are routine, there soon is likely to be a controversial or contentious matter. You may be uneasy having to discuss your points of view. But you want to be effective. What should you consider?

Come to Order illustration by Paul Hoffman used for Contentious Public Hearings

Our Public Hearings Resource Guide

Take a look at the latest addition to the PlannersWeb. Our 12-part Resource Guide will provide you tips and ideas on how to better manage public hearings. The Resource Guide also points you to other relevant online information and documents.

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Challenges & Opportunities

Eight of our regular contributing writers take a brief look at various challenges and opportunities facing planning commissions and their communities.