illustration by Paul Hoffman for the Planning Commissioners JournalMany suburbs face challenging issues relating to housing, transportation, and changing demographics. There is also a huge diversity in suburbs within metropolitan areas across the country.

These articles and postings deal with some of the many varied planning issues suburbs are facing.

image of interconnected lines

Making the Connection

The benefits of “street connectivity” have received growing attention from planners. Hannah Twaddell looks at what’s behind this interest in interconnected streets.

cartoon illustration of front of school building

Back to School for Planners

Decisions about school construction and renovation have profound implications for towns, cities, and counties nationwide. A look at trends & opportunities, impacts schools have, and the positive role planners and planning commissioners can play.

Typical commercial strip roadway corridor

Controlling Strip Development

One of the most common problems facing planners is how to deal with commercial strip development along major road corridors. Some approaches communities can consider to better deal with strip development.

school boy looking at fleet of school buses.

School Sprawl

One of the most important, but often overlooked, contributors to sprawl is the construction of large educational facilities in outlying, undeveloped areas. Edward McMahon takes a look at some of the causes of “school sprawl” — and at some efforts to combat it.

New Development, Traditional Patterns

New Development, Traditional Patterns

A dramatic shift in the design and layout of new developments has begun to take hold in cities across North America. Called new urbanism, this movement draws on older patterns of development. Planning reporter Philip Langdon provides an introduction to new urbanism.

Coping With Superstores

Coping With Superstores

How planning commissioners can come to grips with superstore development, and reach an outcome that the community wants. By Constance Beaumont, the author of Better Models for Superstores: Alternatives to Big-Box Sprawl.