Typical commercial strip roadway corridor

Controlling Strip Development

strip development. Strip development is contrary to the basic elements of good planning: it consumes open space and depletes natural resources, impedes pedestrian and non-motorized traffic, grows outward from the limits of existing development, and…

Illustration of commercial strip development by Paul Hoffman for PlannersWeb

The End of the Strip?

and public officials have tried to contain, control, and improve the strip. Now they are getting some help from an unexpected quarter: consumers and the marketplace. Today the era of strip development is coming to…

aerial photo for regional retail article

Understanding Regional Retail Development

traffic congestion commonly associated with shopping centers to understand this. Photo illustrates three centers of retail development around Montpelier, Vermont: (1) downtown; (2) strip commercial; and (3) interchange development. Click on photo to view it…

house and large tree at edge of a field

Developing at the Edge

…small towns and villages have long faced a variety of challenges, such as the loss of downtown businesses, ugly commercial strip development, and poorly designed housing at the village edge. In fast-growing metropolitan regions, villages…

cartoon of two angry people facing each other

Why is Everybody So Mad About Development?

…public hearings to condemn proposed subdivisions and strip centers near their homes; demonstrators shouting down a developer who proposed a new condominium complex; angry neighbors storming onto a local tennis court to berate a development

Nodes and squares in Troy plan

A Suburb Plans for Change

…to purely residential development. The boxed material on the left is from the Troy Master Plan. Implementation will involve developing a form-based optional overlay zone for each node, seeking to encourage mixed-use development. Euclidean, hierarchical…