Photo of realtor's office with open house sign and view of real estate listing

Reality Check from the Homebuilder’s Sales Floor

sufficient flexibility to adjust to site-by-site considerations and that respond to the real level of need as demonstrated in your area builders’ sales offices. Wayne Lemmon is Director of Market Research for a regional homebuilder….

Come to Order illustration by Paul Hoffman used for Contentious Public Hearings

Public Hearings Resource Guide – part 10

…in advance of the hearing (see also Tips 1-3) The late Wayne Lemmon offered an interesting option: “In the typical public hearing format, you get a long list of pro and con speakers that line…

Illustration of senior couple jogging.

The New “Active Adult” Housing

Read an excerpt from this article below. You can download the full article by using the link at the end of the excerpt. Housing developments targeted for the age-55-and-over slice of the demographic pie are…