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What’s So Bad About Zoning?

means that with rights come responsibilities. Even political philosopher John Locke held as a basic assumption that “free men would never exercise their rights without recognizing the obligations that the exercise of those rights implied….

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Green Infrastructure

of connections to maintaining the continent’s wildlife. By the 1960’s, U.S. ecologists had become believers in the need to create an “integrated conservation system” that protects wildlife while maintaining natural landscape processes. Both of these…

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Building Codes Get Smarter

rehabilitation totaled almost $600 million, a 60 percent increase from 1997. According to New Jersey newspaper editor Ben Forest, “Until the new rules went into effect, the costs, construction constraints, and unpredictable application of building…

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On-Premise Sign Regulation

to visit. On the other hand, the more a community does to enhance its unique assets, the more tourists it will likely attract. This article examines some of the key legal, political and practical aspects…

Tourists and traffic In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, an entry point to Smoky Mountains National Park.

Gateway Communities

a writer in Jackson Hole says, “that these communities are perhaps the first to contend with the limits to growth in an area.” When suburbs get too congested, growth just leapfrogs farther out, but gateway…

houses on a block in the Georgetown Historic District in Washington, DC

Historic Districts and Property Values

that the Denver, Colorado City Council sought to answer in 1988 when it designated the Lower Downtown Historic District. More than 75 percent of the area’s property owners initially opposed the historic district. They feared…

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Y is for Youth

designed to provide health and safety benefits, but to better connect children with their communities and with the natural environment. Editor’s note: see Hannah Twaddell’s “Safe Routes to School” (PCJ, Fall 2004).Read excerpt from start…

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Challenges & Opportunities

Eight of our regular contributing writers take a brief look at various challenges and opportunities facing planning commissions and their communities….