the word: Sprawl vs. Density

Plannerisms We Can Do Without

is eight units per acre,” say, “the proposed development calls for eight units per acre.” End of excerpt. Dave Stauffer continues with a look at smart growth, along with a sampling of several other plannerisms….

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Smart Messages

How we frame our messages to the public is of critical importance in how they’re received, argues planning consultant Dave Stauffer….

What's "Sustainable"?

What’s “Sustainable”?

Sustainability may be hard to define, but it’s increasingly being discussed by developers and local planning commissions. Observations from PCJ columnist Dave Stauffer….

corn withering due to drought

Emerging Water Shortages Are No Mirage

have inundated once abundantly watered regions is indicated by a 19 percent jump in water consumption over the past 10 years, the Times reports, by Washington, D.C., and its adjacent Maryland and Virginia suburbs. “On…

Stop, Look, Loiter

Stop, Look, Loiter

Read an excerpt from this article below. You can download the full article by using the link at the end of the excerpt. Use of the word “loitering” is usually pejorative. The Merriam-Webster dictionary says…