photo from Ilene Watson article on design guidelines

An Introduction to Design Guidelines

the community, potential land use locations, and, some criteria for development decisions. In addition to the comprehensive plan there is the zoning bylaw (or code). The zoning bylaw sets out strict regulations that properties must…

sidewalk paving detail from Barcelona. photo by Wayne Senville

An Introduction to Urban Design

…city? Are the buildings and public spaces interesting to look at? Do you feel comfortable and secure? In this well-illustrated 7 page article, planner and landscape architect Ilene Watson provides an introduction to urban design…..

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Read an excerpt from this article below. You can download the full article by using the link at the end of the excerpt. Think of a time when you were talking to someone who wasn’t…

Our Contributing Writers

Our Contributing Writers

…Braun; Gwendolyn Hallsmith; Otis White; Randall Arendt; Ilene Watson; and the late Jack McCall. You can find their articles by entering their names in the Search field on the upper right portion of the page….

D is for Design

D is for Design

…Editor’s Note: For more on this, see Ilene Watson‘s “An Introduction to Urban Design.” Planners also often deal with the design of the “streetscape.” This involves the careful construction of relationships between people and the…

graphic illustration of flames from a fire

The Risk of Wildfire

(and community costs) posed by wildfires by considering a range of policies, from preventing sprawling rural developments to developing criteria for new housing construction, such as fire resistant roofing and siding materials Community Plans and…