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1099er illustration by Marc Hughes for PlannersWeb

1099ers in Your Economy

For many of our communities’ most valuable workers, the very nature of being employed looks nothing like we traditionally think it does. In the U.S., we call many of these folks 1099ers, or freelancers or contract workers.

Rail Redux - Part 2

Rail Redux – Part 2

Is a rail resurgence just around the corner? There are some positive signs, as rail-related projects are being planned and implemented across the country.

image from All Aboard Florida web page

Rail Redux – Part 1

Deepa Sanyal considers the value rail stations hold to communities, and offers a glimpse of some exciting rail-related development projects in the works.



Della Rucker reflects on a paradox: small businesses thrive on being independent and in charge of their own future, yet small businesses do best when they’re part of a community network that can provide mutual support.

Is Transit the Answer for Congestion?

Is Transit the Answer for Congestion?

As part of our Year in America series, Deepa Sanyal has looked at several planning issues facing North Carolina’s Triangle issue. In her next to last installment, she focuses on the issue of when transit works best.