A Welcome Note from Publisher & Editor Wayne Senville:

For 20 years, the Planning Commissioners Journal served as the nation's principal publication designed for citizen planners, including (but certainly not limited to) members of local planning commissions and zoning boards. If you're not familiar with the Planning Commissioners Journal, we've uploaded ten sample articles that you can download at no charge.

As we switch from a quarterly print format to an online publication and resource, our goals remain the same: to ensure that what we run is clear & understandable to non-professional "citizen planners."

Our PlannersWeb site will provide you with articles and postings on a wide range of planning issues, as well as a focus on how citizen planners -- especially members of planning commissions and boards -- can work most effectively. Take a few minutes to browse through our Menu choices above and you'll start to get a sense of the depth and diversity of information now at your fingertips.

General Manager Betsey Krumholz and Editor Wayne Senville have a combined 17 years' experience serving as planning commissioners.

A bit of background. I served for eleven years as a member of the Burlington, Vermont, Planning Commission (including three years as Chair). Prior to that I was director of regional & local planning assistance for the State of Vermont. I've experienced first hand many of the situations planning commissioners face. We're committed to publishing concise articles, written and edited so that you don't need an advanced degree to understand them.

During the summer of 2007 I spent over six weeks traveling across the U.S., meeting with over a hundred planners & planning commissioners (and again in March and June 2009) -- many subscribers to the Planning Commissioners Journal -- to better understand the planning issues communities -- large and small, urban and rural -- face.

We've also been supported by a slate of terrific contributing writers -- plus many other planners who have written for the Planning Commissioners Journal (and will be writing for PlannersWeb.com).

Last, but not least, our dedicated staff has been led for nearly 15 years by our general manager Betsey Krumholz -- who has also served for six years as a planning commissioner.