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From PlannersWeb / Planning Comm'rs Journal Editor Wayne Senville:

As a service to the planning community in appreciation for over 20 years of support for the Planning Comm'rs Journal, access to all content posted on is now free to all.

No more subscriptions; no more membership. That means you can read or download more than 600 articles, including almost all content published in the Planning Comm'rs Journal since its founding in 1991.

There will be a small charge if you want the convenience of downloading pdfs of our reprint collections via

We also hope you'll chip in to help us maintain our archive of free back content indefinitely into the future.

Again, we appreciate your support!

Visit our page -- it's the place where you can easily order & download our "Taking a Closer Look" reprint collections, as well as Elaine Cogan's "Now that You're on Board" booklet, and Professor Laurence Gerckens' "Planning ABC's." See the links in the Sidebar on the left.

Are you a professional planner? If so, tell your colleagues and your APA chapter board that all of our content -- including hundreds of excellent articles from the Planning Commissioners Journal -- is now available at no cost.

What are our future plans? At this point we can't say for sure. But our primary aim is to continue maintaining all of our past content as a freely available online resource. In the meantime, your long-time editor is taking a much-needed break!

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