International Making Cities Livable Conference this June in Portland, Oregon

May 6th, 2014

This year's IMCL Conference on Making Cities Healthy for All is scheduled for June 8-12 in Portland, Oregon. There is still time to register. Some of you may recall my posts from last year's conference, also in Portland (see, e.g., First Stop, Portland -- you'll then see my other conference posts listed in the left hand sidebar).

I found it to be a highly informative conference, bringing together both planners and professionals from a range of health-related fields. The IMCL conferences also always have a strong international feel -- with participants from around the globe.

Here's what I recently heard from Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Director of the IMCL Conference:

This year, we are addressing the issue of how the built environment affects health and well-being from the point of view of health equity. This raises a whole lot of new questions that Planning Commissioners should be thinking about.

We have once again attracted a dazzling program of speakers, including Dick Jackson and Mayor Brainard (who are giving new, different talks); Mayor George Ferguson from Bristol, UK (a man who makes things happen, international champion of placemaking, sustainability, and cities for people); Patrick Condon (architect, urbanist, and leader in sustainability); John Massengale (Street Design); and many others.

We are offering new tours, and focusing several sessions on equity issues such as: How to create family-friendly workforce housing in the city center; Affordable housing close to jobs; and Housing homeless families and preventing homelessness. As you know, Portland is a leader in housing the homeless and has developed many creative solutions.

Use this link for information about the Conference.